Try This Recipe Today and Be Prepared to Smile

Who does not love cake? And who among you who find cookies aren’t delectable? Both work great as both snacks and desserts and some may take them as a type of comfort food. Cookies are mostly prepared by baking the dough specific to the recipes. Their textures could be crunchy and crumbly while other recipes may result in cookies that are gooey and chewy. Cake can be prepared by baking the dough. Cake has textures that are generally smoother than those of cookies even if the recipe calls for ingredients or procedures that make the resulting cake somewhat fudgier or (in some cases) more sodden. Cake can be prepared by steaming, as well. In Indonesian, this is known as ‘bolu’—the term denotes a cake that is specifically steamed to prepare instead of baked. The taste of bolu is pretty much the same with baked cake but its aroma is somewhat less strong than regular cake. Bolu’s texture is more or less the same as that of cake: fluffy, airy, or spongy—depending on the recipe, but it is generally also smoother than cookies. Now, a recipe of bolu cake that combines it with cookies is available for you to grab.

With said recipe, you can experience two types of dessert in one bite. Imagine the rough texture of cookies mingling with the soft structure of cake, all inside your mouth. It is the kind of treat that makes it worth carrying along when you are out for a picnic. Your kids or anyone’s kids would love the taste of this combo, which is not hard at all to make. Cookie dough is typically mixed with chocolate, either in chips form or powdered one. But with this recipe, the cookie is of butter variety so the taste is rather neutral to your palate. The recipe for the bolu itself is also simple. However, the cake element incorporates extract of pandan leaves. When the grassy tinge of the cake meets with the fatty content of the cookie, all you have in the end is an explosion of taste that makes you smile. As previously mentioned, the recipe is not difficult to execute. It looks complicated because you need to prepare two kinds of dough. While it is not difficult, it certainly takes time to finish. Once you are done with the dough of each element, spritz the cookie dough forming a ring. Fill out the hollow center with cake dough. This way, the cookie is made as if it hugs the cake around. Also, although the bolu cake variant is typically steamed, this recipe calls for the dough to be baked instead due to the cookie element being not suitable for baking.

To obtain the best result, use only the best ingredients. Make sure that the eggs you use are of the freshest batch and the butter is of high quality. Pay attention to the temperature of the oven you use so the dough bakes evenly. Don’t leave the dessert inside the oven after 15 minutes lest it would overcook.